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Color is a quick and inexpensive way to change a room in a very dramatic way.

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When putting together a room it is very important to keep the room in balance. This is done with furniture, accessories, and paint. The important thing to remember is there is a delicate balance to be achieved. Think on the terms of a scale - both sides of the room need to be balanced so as not to tip the scale so to speak.

One way is with furniture. If you have a very heavy piece on one side of the room make sure there is something on the other side to balance the room. A lot of rooms have something large that is its natural focal point as in a fireplace or large picture window. Make sure you create another focal point on the other side of the room. This can be achieved by adding furniture or colorful artwork.

The same is just as important with paint. When I am putting together a color design for a client, I always try to make sure there is a balance in the room. If accenting with a bold color, make sure the surrounding walls are not to pale or it won't be balanced. I like to use colors that are on the same or near spot on the paint chip. If you are accenting with a color that is 5 colors down on the swatch, try to find the complementary color you plan to use on the surrounding walls around the same area on the swatch - that way they are balanced in pigments and will complement each other. If the surrounding walls are too light, then your accent wall will be too heavy.

When painting an accent wall, remember that is exactly what it is - an accent. Try to pick one good focal point and make that your accent. You want your eye to go to the wall you have accented. Then take that color and place it around the room in the way of pillows, art and accessories to balance out the color.

The most common complaint I hear from my clients is that they don't know what colors to choose and where to start and end a color. With an open concept it can be very challenging to decide where to break a color. The rooms are designed in such a way that they are open to each other and this can be very challenging on how to make your color breaks. That is when you need to call me. We will sit together and put a design together that flows from one room into another. I love to have many color accents to dramatize the existing furniture and art that is already in place.

Color is a quick and inexpensive way to change a room in a very dramatic way. Remember - it is just paint so have fun and experiment - you can always repaint it if you don't achieve the right look. In the meantime, I look forward to working with you personally to help you achieve the perfect balance in your home.

Nancy Gamerl
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